Covid-19 Test

You can get tested for Covid-19 in all medical practices.
MPA in Schutzausrüstung macht einen Abstrich in der Nase der Patientin

Tests are only offered with advance registration, no walk-in:

Our practice employees with discuss with you which type of tests is the most suitable for your circumstances.

FOPH web site with information about testing

What to do if you have Corona symptoms

If you have Corona-Symptoms – even if they are not serious – you should do the following:

  1. Contact reduction:
    • Please stay at home and avoid contact with other people.
  2. Test recommendation:
    • Do the Coronavirus-Check at FOPHs web site. It will provide a recommendation if you should make a corona test or not. It you should get tested you will receive more information how to proceed. You can also contact our practices or contact our doctors online  Arzthaus Online to discuss what to do.
  3. Have yourself tested:
    • Please have a corona test made if our practice employees or the Coronavirus-Check check so recommends. The cost for the tests are paid by the state as long as the test critera from FOPH are met.
  4. Until the test results are available:
    • Stay at home and follow the isolation instructions. Avoid contact with all other people until the test results are known. When you have received the results, follow the instructions given to you by the practice employees.

Cost for Corona test

The federal government will cover the costs as follows:

PCR tests

The federal government covers the costs of individual PCR tests in the following cases:

  • You are being tested because you have symptoms.
  • You have received a notification from the SwissCovid app.
  • You have been in contact with a confirmed case.
  • You have been instructed by a cantonal authority or a doctor to perform a test.

The federal government does not cover the costs of Individual PCR tests required to obtain a COVID certificate.


Rapid antigen tests

The federal government covers the costs of nasopharyngeal rapid antigen tests for everyone.

The federal government will NOT pay for the following costs:
Depending on the clinical picture, a physical examination as well as a blood analysis in the practice are necessary in order to be able to exclude or determine any serious courses, e.g. pneumonia. In certain patients, heart problems must be ruled out using an EKG. These tests are important to ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment for your symptoms and that you can prevent the disease from developing more seriously.

These examinations are not paid for by the federal government. An invoice will be sent to your health insurance company for this additional consultation time and the blood tests.