Arzthaus offers diagnostics and therapies for various forms of allergies.

The incidence of allergies has increased significantly in recent decades – more and more people show an allergic reaction to normally harmless stimuli such as pollen, dust mites, animal dander, molds, insect bites or food.

Early detection and treatment of allergy lowers the risk of progression. A clarification of causes is useful even in patients with gastrointestinal complaints. Is it an allergy or an intolerance? If an allergy or intolerance is established, it is in most cases well treatable. We offer all standard diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Arzthaus offers all standard diagnostic and treatment options:

  • Determination of allergies through blood tests
  • Prick- / intracutaneous testing (tests of allergens such as pollen or food)
  • Epicutaneous testing (tests for contact allergens such as nickel, ointments, household or occupational substances)


  • Hyposensibilisation or Desensibilisation