General Practitioner

When it comes to your health, we see ourselves first and foremost in the role of the general practitioner – the classical “family doctor”. Our job is to get to know our patients well, and to be their first point of contact when it comes to illness or other medical issues. As your “medical manager” we are there for you over the long term, and can refer you to specialists as needed. We keep your medical records up-to-date after every visit, whether it’s with us, at the hospital or with a specialist.

As a provider of basic health care services, our doctors are available to answer any and all medical questions. They keep up on the latest medical advances, and can offer you the best possible diagnostics and therapy.

We think it is important that you always see the doctor of your choice – and so we do our absolute best to ensure continuity during any treatment. In general, when making an appointment you will always be seen by your preferred doctor. If this is not possible, for instance in an emergency situation or if your doctor is on vacation, you will be seen by a team colleague.

Our services also include long-term care for chronic illnesses.

One general practitioner is daily in the practice, also on Sundays and official holidays.