Drivers Medical Exam

Medical traffic examinations serve the traffic safety and are required from the authorities. At Arzthaus you can make an appointment for a medical traffic examination in any of our practices.

When do I need a driver’s medical exam?

A medical traffic examination is obligatory for:

  • Applicants for a learner’s permit in the following categories: C, C1, D and D1
  • Driving instructors and traffic experts
  • Drivers with a permit for the professional transport of people
  • All drivers from the age of 75 years (cars and boats)
  • Boat drivers with permits of category B and C

Apart from that, permit holders in higher categories, as stated in the relevant regulations.

There are 3 categories of medical traffic exams:

Level 1: Private vehicles up to 3.5 tons

Level 2: Group Truckdriver, Taxis, Bus, traffic experts

Level 3: Applicants > 65 years or with disabilities, second opinion, after accident/severe illness

In some of our practices we only offer Level 1 examinations, in other level  1 and 2 and 3. Please ask our administration in the practice.