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Arzthaus was founded in 2011 and has 6 large medical practices with general practitioners, who also offer emergency treatments, and specialists for dermatology, gynecology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, gastroenterology, cardiology, orthopedics and ENT. Our modern, centrally located practices are open 365 days per year and our long opening hours ensure that our multi-lingual doctors can care for patients when the patients need it, also outside of normal business hours.
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In addition to visits to the practice, Arzthaus also offers the possibility to contact our doctors online, via our platform Arzthaus Online, either with a video call or with a message.

Our objectives

  • Being a leading player on the ambulatory medical practice market in the german speaking part of Switzerland
  • Offering a wide range of high-quality medical services
  • Having satisfied patients who trust us
  • Offering our employees a place to work where they are happy and proud to work, and where they can grow their competencies

Numbers and facts

  • Founded in 2011
  • Has 6 large medical practices
    • 2012: Opening of Arzthaus Aarau und St. Gallen
    • 2013: Opening of Arzthaus Zürich City
    • 2016: Opening of Arzthaus Zürich Stadelhofen and expansion of Arzthaus Aarau
    • 2018: Opening of Arzthaus Zürich Zug and launch of Arzthaus Online
    • 2020: Eröffnung Arzthaus Zürich Löwenplatz
    • 2021 Expansion of Arzthaus Aarau
  • More than 65 highly competent doctors and psychotherapists
  • A team of about 110 nurses support our doctors
  • More than 10 specialities
  • Since our foundation we have treated more than 175’000 patient

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Arzthaus.ch AG was founded in 2011 by Jennie and Martin Olsson along with private investors. The Olssons bring their broad-based corporate experience to the arzthaus team. (…)

Arzthaus has developed a patient-friendly concept for basic and emergency medical services together with a wide range of other specialities. Arzthaus opened its six practices in Aarau and St. Gallen in 2012, in Zurich City in 2013, in Zürich Stadelhofen in 2016 and in 2018 in Zug. Arzthaus Online was introduced in 2019 and in summer of 2020 the practice in Zurich Löwenplatz was opened.

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