Discomfort of the digestive system are common and varied. The detection and treatment of these diseases therefore often requires the evaluation of a stomach and intestinal specialist. At Arzthaus in Aarau and Zurich we offer a gastroenterological consultation and diagnostic treatments. All possible supplementary measures such as endoscopy, laboratory examinations and X-ray technology are available there can be carried out without long waiting times.

In Switzerland, it is recommended to perform screening for colorectal cancer from the 50th birthday. Possible screening methods include colonoscopy or a stool test to find invisible blood in the stool. In Switzerland, the examinations are paid by the health insurance company until the age of 69. The stool test should be done every two years for optimal protection, the colonoscopy every 10 years. The great advantage of colonoscopy as a precautionary measure against colon cancer is that it can often prevent the formation of cancer by detecting and removing the precursors of colorectal cancer (polyps), before it even exists.

The preventive check-up for the prevention of colorectal cancer is intended for people without discomfort and without increased risk! If there is an increased risk of colon cancer, no stool test should be performed, but a colonoscopy must be performed. This is also especially true for patients with discomfort, e.g. with blood in the stool, pain or changes in the bowel movement. (Source: Magen Darmliga Schweiz)