Health Check

It is never too late to start taking care of your health. Preventive medicine, a multi-faceted discipline uniting various scientific perspectives and approaches, can help you avoid illness and live a longer, healthier life.

For Individuals
Our primary focus is the prevention of illness and disease in individuals. The most important element of individual preventive medicine is the check-up. This provides you and your doctor the time necessary to discuss your medical history in detail and conduct a thorough examination into the current state of your health. Your doctor can compare that against the norms for your age group, discuss any particular risk factors you might have, and offer advice on staying healthy. Many insurance companies cover the costs for a Check-up. Please contact your insurance company to find out.

For Companies
As an owner of a company, you carry a certain amount of responsibility for the health and well-being of your employees. We can support you by helping you implement preventive ergonomic and medical measures at your business. For example, many people are more comfortable going for a medical check-up when it is carried out as part of a group. Studies have shown that employees are most efficient at work when they are physically and mentally fit. If you sign up for a “company check-up” you’ll be doing something good for your employees and your business.


We work closely together with our partner Unilabs and are able to offer the following blood analytic packages:

BIOCHECK UP by Unilabs is an early detection programme for risks and disorders linked to « lifestyle diseases ». Thanks to targeted recommendations from BIOCHECK UP, you can adapt your lifestyle and thus permanently improve your health. Our range of profiles covers many topics such as nutritional balance (e.g. vegetarian diet), intestinal health, sleep cyles and much more.

Colox® is a non-invasive molecular blood test for the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer. The test measures the response of the immune system and can accurately and reliably detect both adenomatous polyps and early stages of colorectal cancer. Colox® allows for the identification of high risk colorectal cancer cases to better assess the need for subsequent colonoscopy. Early detection greatly improves the chances of survival from colorectal cancer.

PANORAMA™ is a non-invasive prenatal screening test that screens for common genetic conditions that are caused by extra or missing chromosomes in the baby’s DNA.

SelectMdx is a non-invasive urine test that examines two prostate cancer-specific biomarkers to determine your risk for prostate cancer. The test helps in the early identification of men at high risk for prostate cancer and excludes men at low risk.

With the Pharmacogenetics Test, you can discover more about your individual genetic traits. These insights open up new possibilities for personalized treatments, as medication therapy can be more precisely tailored to your needs.

Unilabs is one of the leading providers of diagnostic services in Switzerland and Europe and today the only Swiss provider of high-quality tests in the fields of laboratory medicine, pathology, genetics and medical imaging. All Unilabs employees and their scientific teams share a common goal: to build the most efficient and digitalised diagnostics company in Switzerland, enabling better decisions for tomorrow’s health. Find out more about Unilabs here.


Other coordination

We take preventive medicine very seriously, and work closely together with a number of well-known organizations. These include: