Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Our psychiatrists and psychotherapists provide competent support to cope with difficult life situations or to manage personal or interpersonal conflicts. Issues related to work such as burnout symptoms, job loss or other problems in the working environment can be analyzed in order to find the best possible coping strategies.

We offer the possibility of rapid out-patient psychiatric crisis intervention with emergency appointments, e.g. as part of deteriorating depressive symptoms or other psychological stress and emergencies. Close cooperation with specialists from various disciplines can be established to process a newly diagnosed somatic disease or coping with known chronic symptoms.

In the context of psychotherapy various psychiatric disorders can be treated in an individual, couple or family setting.

Our therapists have an integrated approach where elements of different psychotherapy directions are used, but mainly include modern established behavioral and systemic therapies.

In Arzthaus Zürich Löwenplatz we also have a specialist in psychosomatic disorders.